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Tongues, Please

I’m sitting in a conference room in northwestern Thailand with a group of web developers from all over the world. We are working in English, but we have Amharic (Ethopia), Arabic (Egypt), French (Mali), Korean and Malayalam (India) speakers.  As if


I’m often asked to describe what the technical buzz words: Identity Management really mean.  It is a subject that means something entirely different in the world of corporate information systems than it does to me in the mission field.  Corporate

Web Design for Dummies

Deciding to scrap the old family web site and rebuild it just 4 days before leaving the country was a bit hasty.  Since I already owned the domain name,,  I had to wait a overnight for control of the

The Cobbler’s Children

The old adage, “the cobbler’s children have no shoes,” kept going through my mind. Our family web site was getting more ancient and more neglected each month.  Then on Fri. I couldn’t even upload our most recent newsletter.  Embarrassing for