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Multipliers Make It Happen

Discipleship & Teachers . . . if we just have conferences to reach teachers, but don’t follow them up with discipleship, then the momentum eventually dies out. If we prepare each teacher to reach other teachers, and help them become

Dante’s Voice

  Sometimes it feels like a high school student can’t impact society, but I am learning not to believe those lies.Our church youth group was helping with a children’s Bible club for inner-city children in New Orleans over Spring Break.

On Leading Well: “Dear God, I want to be relevant.”

Our Global Technology Leaders are gathering next week in Manila, Philippines to hone our leadership skills and to find new ways of using technology to support people who share the Gospel. I was given the topic of “How to Lead

Thai Floods

I’m sad to be leaving Thailand this morning, but I need to get home too. This is the first day our delegates will have a chance to do some flood relief work. There is some heavy lifting and transport needed for


If the foundations are destroyed, what can the righteous do? (Psalm 11:3 NASB) Two things collided in my living room this morning as I was trying to pursue God’s Word and got distracted by a wall posting on Facebook. Following

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I’m often asked to describe what the technical buzz words: Identity Management really mean.  It is a subject that means something entirely different in the world of corporate information systems than it does to me in the mission field.  Corporate